Narrative Essays

Gimmick Press's Worthless Treasures (2018) - "Rookie Card" (Nominated for Pushcart Prize)

Longridge Review (2017) - "The Bionic Elbow"

Rappahannock Review (2016) - "The Leo Burke Finish"

Thin Air (2017) - "Scared"


Book Reviews

Cleaver Magazine (2016) - "A Review of Dan Mancilla's The Deathmask of El Gaucho"

Entropy (2016) - "A Review of Scott Nadelson's Between You and Me"

Entropy (2018) - “A review of Dallas Woodburn’s Woman, Running Late, In a Dress”

Fourth & Sycamore (2016) - "A Review of Julie Iromanyua's Mr. and Mrs. Doctor

Rhizomatic Ideas (2016) - " A Review of Sean Bernard's Studies in the Hereafter

Weave Magazine (2015) - "Life Leaves Its Scars: A Review of Michael Gerhard Martin’s Easiest If I Had a Gun



45th Parallel blog (2015) - "Writers on Not Writing: Doink the Clown" (blog post)

Bent Country (2019) - “Why Write Stories” (blog post)

BuzzFeed (2014) - "Ranking All 69 Counting Crows Songs" (article)

Imagine Magazine (2015) - "The Joy (Yes, Joy) of Critical Writing" (article)

Mayday Magazine (2017) - "Jessica Jones and the State of American News Media and Politics" (critical essay)

The Red Fez (2018) - "Professional Wrestling as Creative Non-Fiction" (critical essay) (Nominated for Pushcart Prize)