Forthcoming Work

Big Muddy - "Bet Your Life!" (Short Story)

Black Noise Quarterly - "Tournament," “Calling Mom,” “Wrestling Dragon Princess,” “Wrestling a Tigress,” and “The Last Match” (Flash Fiction)

Blue River Review - "Yelling" (Short Story)

Cabinet of Heed - "The Slide" (Short Story)

Dark Wood - "Godchild is a Difficult Comedy (Short Story)

Flapperhouse - "Forever" (Short Story)

Heavy Feather Review - "Dog Days" (Short Story)

The Mind's Eye - "Pink Man" (Short Story)

Moonchild Magazine - “What Color is Magic,” “We Never Think to Miss,” and “Witch at the Beach" (Poems)

Orson's Review - "The Herculean Wrestler" (Poem)

Passages North - "Training," "Autopsy," and "Ghost" (Flash Fiction)

RumbleFish Press - "Right Now" (Flash Fiction)

Sequestrum - "The Seams" (Short Story)

South Florida Poetry Journal - "Fire Bright" (Poem)