Poems (2016)

Apeiron Review - "Dinner" and "Mentor"

Apple Valley Review - "Whiskey Weary" (Nominated for Best of the Net and Best New Poets)

Ascent Aspirations Magazine - "Fight"

Atticus Review - "The Champ In Twilight" and "The Funk-Jack Scale"

Bang It Outwrite - "December," "After the Accident," and "Calico"

Bellevue Literary Review - "The Red Thread"

The Blackstone Review - "Down To the River"

The Chiron Review - "The Joke"

Dime Show Review - "You Might Have Trouble" (Nominated for Pushcart Prize)

Five 2 One Magazine - "Ford"

Literary Yard - "The Warrior's Run" and "Rey Mysterio is Never Alone"

Oddball Magazine - "An Abbreviated History of Gay Men and Men Portrayed as Gay in Professional Wrestling"

On The Rusk - "Sea Level"

Panoplyzine - "Playing With Fire"

Poetry Pacific - "Winter Night"

Postcard Poems and Prose Magazine - "Halloween"

Praire Schooner online - "Sex Tape"

The Rat's Ass Review - "The Best Things"

Squawk Back - "The Long Run"

Up The Staircase - "Heartthrob"

Vanilla Sex Magazine - “Irresistible Immovable,” “Turn,” “Icon,” and “The Word.”

Walking Is Still Honest Press - "Just One Punch"

Word Riot - "The Falls," "Of Gods and McMahons," "Ring Songs"