Featured Poems

Algebra of Owls (2017) - "Lessons"

Bellevue Literary Review (2016) - "The Red Thread"

Bitterzoet Magazine (2017) - "Family Tree"

Dime Show Review (2016) - "You Might Have Trouble" (Nominated for Pushcart Prize)

Hawai'i Pacific Review (2017) - "Imaginings"

Moonchild Magazine (2018) - “What Color is Magic,” “We Never Think to Miss,” and “Witch at the Beach"

Praire Schooner online (2016) - "Sex Tape"

Vagabond City (2019) - “Catch and Release”

Word Riot (2016) - "The Falls," "Of Gods and McMahons," "Ring Songs"

Yes, Poetry (2017) - "Sea Monster"

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