Forthcoming Work

Black Noise Quarterly - "Tournament," “Calling Mom,” “Wrestling Dragon Princess,” “Wrestling a Tigress,” and “The Last Match” (Flash Fiction)

Five 2 One Magazine - “Approach #17: Brute Forcce,” “Approach #8: Kinship,” and “Approach #30: Hypnosis”

Heavy Feather Review - "Dog Days" (Short Story)

Kaani - "Fallen" (Short Story)

Longleaf Review - "Attachments" (Short Story)

Parhelion Literary Magazine - "A Kindness" (Short Story)

RumbleFish Press - "Right Now" (Flash Fiction)

Sequestrum - "The Seams" (Short Story)

Spry Literary Journal - "Contortions" (Flash Fiction)

Triggerfish Critical Review - "The Ethnically Ambiguous Wrestler" (Poem)