Forthcoming Work

Aaduna - "Fingerprints" (Poem)

Big Muddy - "Bet Your Life!" (Short Story)

Blue River Review - "Yelling" (Short Story)

Faded Out - "Eyes to the Skies" (Flash Fiction)

Kleft Jaw - "The Wrestler's Husband" (Poem)

Lonesome October - "Coven" and "Black Cat" (Poems)

Nonbinary Review - "Take Me Home" (Short story)

Passages North - "Training," "Autopsy," and "Ghost" (Flash Fiction)

RumbleFish Press - "Right Now" (Flash Fiction)

Succor Press - "Life" (Flash Fiction)

Windmill - "Christmas Eve" (Short Story)

The Wire's Dream Magazine - "Chords" (Flash Fiction)