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Featured Flash Fiction

ANGLES (2017) - "Coming Home," "Stay," "At My Brother's Wedding"

Cease, Cows (2016) - "Suicide Island"

Cherry Tree (2017) - "Dragon Princess," "Mixed Tag," "Her Story," "The Nobler Pursuit," and "Sleeper" (Nominated for Puschart Prize)

Gravel (2016) - "My Father Was Andre The Giant"

Hobart (2017) - "Tree Man"

Jellyfish Review (2017) - "The Arrival"

Prime Number Magazine - "Interrogation" (Flash Fiction Contest Winner)

Queen Mob's Teahouse (2016) - "Wedding Day"

Sick Lit Magazine (2016) - "Crackers, Guide Us All"

Shenandoah (2017) - "Rainbow"

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