Flash Fiction (2016)

The Airgonaut - "Funeral"

Birch Gang Review - "Conversations with Ghosts"

Cease, Cows - "Suicide Island"

The Commonline Journal - "Old Bones"

Drowning Gull - "The Man on the Stairs"

Fictive Dream - "Shoot"

Gravel - "My Father Was Andre The Giant"

Lit.cat - "Injury"

Manawaker Studios' Flash Fiction Podcast - "Burned," "Respects," and "Trial"

Miscreant Magazine - "In the Dark"

No Extra Words - "Last Night"

Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine - "Heel"

Quail Bell Magazine - "Vendepunkt"

Queen Mob's Teahouse - "Wedding Day"

The Rain, Party, and Disaster Society - "Hope" and "Varieties of Pain"

Random Sample Review - "In-Laws"

Scarlet Leaf Review - "Getting Color," "Have It All," and "Reporter"

Sick Lit Magazine - "Crackers, Guide Us All"

Spadina Literary Review - "Ladder" and "Broadway"

Spectator & Spooks - "[All-Campus] Zombies vs. Humans"

Spelk - "Lies"

Stepping Stones Magazine - "Commemoration"

Zero Flash - "Lean"